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Reminder - AYC Photo Album

Reminder that there are many (thousands) of high resolution photos on-line.  Not just from this year, which has many terrific albums, but going back for years.  There are hundreds of photos from this amazing summer!

To view the photo album, go here: https://anchorageyachtclub.net/gallery2/main.php . Or click the photo album menu item in the left column.
Then, from there view albums by year, and many sub-albums.  Most albums have many pages of thumbnail photos, look for the album page numbers at the bottom left.
When viewing an album, click on a thumbnail to view a photo, and then if a higher resolution photo is available click on it again, and sometimes click again for an even higher resolution photo.
Depending on your browser, you can usually "right click" on a photo to download it.
A good way to pass the time while waiting for Spring!!

~ August 8th 2020 Kenosha Cheesecup report ~

See photos herehttp://www.anchorageyachtclub.net/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=57251

A day like Saturday August 8th was a great day to own a sailboat.  It was a perfect sailing day and everyone had a great time.  Great weather, great people and lots of laughs with new & old  friends.   Hoping to have some new members of AYC!  Here are a few pictures of sailors showing off their well earned medal awards.  We have a few more to follow,  could not send all in 1 email.  If any others have pictures please send in too.


*MADCAP                           13:02:18

Section #1

BLITZKRIEG                       13:08:13

INSPIRATION                      13:10:27

9LIVES IV                            13:15:02

SERENITY                             13:18:14

Section #2

ANTARES                             13:11:50

TIGRESS                              13:16:01

PEENHONIN                        13:20:35

SPINDRIFT                           13:24:00

MOXIE                                  13:25:00 

LAYOVER                             13:41:09 LITTLE CHEESE AWARD

*Next year we will not have the finish line drawn from Wisconsin all the way to the shores of Michigan :)

For sailboats that did not stop at KYC we will pass out your medals next week.

Looking forward to next year and hoping for an even better turnout. 

George & Janet

2020 Annual Members Meeting and Banquet - Postponed

In light of the Coronavirus situation, and out of concern for our members, the annual meeting and banquet is postponed.  We'll wait until the situation stabilizes before determining the best way to proceed.  Many members look forward to this event, with the excellent camaraderie and dining, and it is with great regret that we need to take this step.