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The 2023 Cheese Cup was a blast!

See here for photos



The “for fun” part was understated to say the least. We had 11 boats in 2 sections, many 1st time crew… just what this is meant for: to come out, be on the water, sail and have F U N!!

1st the skippers meeting to go over SI’s and rules, took 5 seconds –

      NO RULES use any sails or paddles you have!.

      Next up was the very technical handicapping with red and green dice.

Skippers Meeting adjourned!

Winds were out of the south, making for a high speed run all the way up to Kenosha from Waukegan Harbor. Many individual battles made for great racing with perfect weather.

We met with KYC a couple of weeks ago and they could not have been more accommodating.  The KYC reception included FREE Spotted Cow beer for Cheese Cuppers, tables set-up for our impromptu buffet and comfy couches to lounge in, on the patio!

After getting the boats parked and rafted off to keep us all close, the Spotted Cow started flowing and it was off to the races!  Homemade Mac & Cheese, Cheese Puffs, various cheeses & crackers, cheddar goldfish, mini cheesecakes, salads, and of course, Cheese Whiz, were piled on a few picnic tables, for all to share and enjoy.

Janet passed out yellow foam ‘string cheese’ noodle floats for all, clothes came off (bathing suits appeared) and the Cannon-Cheese-Ball contest was on!  Sailors filled the water in an eclectic cheesy charcuterie board of various crew members from competing boats.The Kenosha Bay was filled with Cheese Cuppers on floating  yellow noodles holding cocktails. 

Next phase of the Cheese Cup The Awards.

Section 1:

!st 9 lives 1:26 53

2nd Pearl   1:29 26

3rd Tigress 1:33 50

4th Patricia 1:42

5th Peen Honin 2: 10

Section 2:

1st Moxie 1:29 34

2nd Reflection 1:35

3rd Dalliance 1:38

4th Layover 1:58

5th Lunasea 2:39    Cow Pie award

The Cheesiest Spirit Award went to the crew of The Pearl, girls dressed in Swiss cheese costumes! Cheese Puff necklaces worn by the crew, Cheesy Names for all 11 of them!

Then the ultimate new Cheese Cup addition for this year was the  Cheese Wiz and Tequila shots. OMG!  A crowd lined up to board The Pearl like crazy for this new hit. Bill & Amy could not fit anymore people on that boat.


A big Cheesy Thank You to ALL who participated, “STAY CHEESY”, until next year’s….