Welcome to the Anchorage Yacht Club

2023 marks the 95th anniversary of The Anchorage Yacht Club. Anchorage was formed in 1928 by a group of civilians who had mooring privileges at Great Lakes Naval Base. In 1935 a 17 foot dinghy named the “Moffett” in honor of William A. Moffett, Base Commandant, was designed for the Club. The boats were built by Bill Quigley, a furniture maker located nearby on Green Bay Road. By 1937, a fleet of fifteen Moffett’s was racing every weekend. World War II closed the base to civilians. After the War, sailing resumed with emphasis switching to larger boats and handicap racing on Thursday evenings. Civilian access to Great Lakes was again significantly restricted after September 11, 2001. Fortunately, Waukegan Harbor was nearby. Local members can also be found in many other harbors between Great Lakes and Racine.  Most Anchorage members moved their boats to Waukegan, where activities continued. Anchorage membership and participation in Club events is open to all local harbor patrons.

Anchorage is a member of LMSRF, USSA, and Yachting Club of America and represented on the MWPHRF.  

Membership is open to any person who has demonstrated a commitment to yachting and has participated in club activities for a year.

The Thursday Night Race for Fun is currently open to non-members -- for more information see the racing link on this site.

For an application for invitation to the club, click here.

The Anchorage Yacht Club
PO Box 55
Lake Forest, IL 60045