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October Racing 2021

The Anchorage Yacht Club and Waukegan Yacht Club are running The October Trio of Races!  This includes a new regatta for the Waukegan area sailboat racers!  On Saturday October 2 and Saturday October 16 we will run a sprint race from Waukegan to the Zion crib mark and back.  This will be an All or One format (Solo, Double-Handed or Fully Crewed) and will be a reverse PHRF start.   On Saturday, October 9, the AYC & WYC will jointly host the Inaugural 2021 Octoberfest Regatta.  Here are the details:
  • When: Saturday, October 9, 2021
  • Description;  This will be a two-race regatta, featuring an Olympic racecourse.  An Olympic course has upwind / downwind and reaching legs.  Races will take place near the green can just northeast of the Waukegan south harbor entrance.  This will give racers the opportunity to have different points of sail with reaching legs combined with the more traditional windward / leeward legs.  The combined scores of both races will determine the Octoberfest Regatta podium.  
  • Where:  The skippers meeting will be held at the Waukegan Yacht Club at 9:00am.  You will register your boat during the skippers meeting.  The sailing instructions will be published and distributed at the skippers meeting.  
  • Entree Fee:  $15.00
  • Post Race Party: All are welcome!  Immediately following the conclusion of racing there will be a terrific Octoberfest themed party at the Waukegan Yacht Club.  Bring your boat over to the wall at Waukegan Yacht Club and walk right in!  Or park your boat in your slip and walk over.  You can pre-order your discounted food and drink tickets by using this link: https://waukeganyachtclub.com/product/oktoberfest-tickets
  • We will have the Octoberfest Regatta awards presentation during the Octoberfest party right after racing concludes!  
So don't put your boat away just yet!  This regatta promises to be tons of fun with a unique Olympic race course!  This will also be a "race for fun" format that focuses on competing while having a good time.  Call your crew and tell them to get ready for Saturday, October 9!  And the All or One Races on October 2 and October 16 (Skippers meeting on the Waukegan Harbor patio at 0900.  $15 entree fee for each race, except free for those that have already entered and paid for the AYC "All or One" series.  Sign-up and pay at the Skippers Meeting.)  October 2021 All or One Notice of Race.
Looking forward to having a great turn-out and seeing you all there!

The 2021 Cheese Cup to Kenosha was a blast!!

See photos herehttps://anchorageyachtclub.org/gallery3/index.php/2021-Events/cheesecup

Another successful Cheese Cup! Perfect start with a roll of the dice and the winds out of the South sailing to Kenosha.  It was a hot day so cooling off in Lake Michigan was perfect way to end the race.  Lisa led the pack jumping in, our newly appointed "swim coach" and Bill kept  us all safe making sure nobody drifted away.  In true AYC fashion Lisa and Bill demonstrated the best use of a  PFD  with a cocktail in your hand at all times.

Great time with new and old friends!

Thanks to all that participated, hope to see you next year!

Janet and George
MIRAGE               13:05:30   BIG CHEESE
SHAKA                 13:09:30
9LIVES                 13:23:00
SURPRISE            13:42:10
LATITUDE            12:47:00
ANATARES          13:16:00
PEEN HONIN       13:47:08
MAKARA             13:47:08
BD                      13:54:00



New AYC Racing Seminars Schedule. All Sailors Welcome! 

Happy New Year to all of our racing skippers, crew and friends!  We hope you all had safe and happy holidays! 

The AYC Sail Committee has been busy preparing some great VIRTUAL racing seminars to help all of us learn new information as we think about warmer days of spring and summer.  Please mark your calendars for these very informative seminars that you can enjoy from the warmth and comfort of your favorite room in your house.  We will use Google Meets to present the seminar online.  Prior to each seminar, we will send out the link to join online for all registrants.  (It's very easy to use!) 

Please review each seminar below, and if you would like to register send an email to Ray Douglas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   Simply note in your email which specific seminar you would like to attend.  (You can attend one, two, three or all four seminars.)  Also, feel free to forward this email to any of your crew who may not be on this email list, or other sailors that you think might be interested. 

Saturday - January 30: 1pm - 2:30pm CST
"How to Run a Perfect Race Committee and Still Have Fun"

Description:  Every skipper volunteers for Race Committee duty for our AYC Summer Racing Series.  Some enjoy it, while others dred it.  We will discuss how to keep your Race Committee duties simple, while running a successful race.  We will discuss how to prepare and execute a perfect race and enjoy a nice time on the lake with your RC crew.  How do you set a square line?  What are each of the signal flags for?  Do I use the VHF radio?  We will also give tips on how to make this a fun evening on the water.

(Presented by Ray Douglas & Jack Amedio)  

Saturday - February 20: 10am-11:30am CST
"Optimize Your Boat for PHRF Rating"

Description:  This seminar will provide information on how the PHRF rating is developed and managed on Lake Michigan and how skipper's can optimize their boats to take full advantage of the rating.  

(Presented by Bob Warnecke, Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet & Jack Amedio)  

Saturday - March 20: 10am-11:30pm CST
"Beercan Racecourse Tactics:  How to Make The Complex Less Complicated"

We will provide simple explanations and tips on how to have good Starts, Upwind legs, Downwind legs, and Finishes.  We will cover "complex" topics and break them down into simple steps that you can use to make clear and better decisions on the racecourse:

·  How do I figure out which end of the starting line is favored?  What does it mean to be favored?

·  What side of the racecourse should I go to?  When are good and bad times to tack?

·  Is there a consistent way to determine when to tack on the layline?  (What is a layline anyway?)

·  How do I round marks faster and more efficiently?

·  Are there better downwind angles for my boat?

·  Should I sail low or high downwind?  How do I know my optimal angles?

·  What is the best way to handle high traffic areas of the racecourse?

·  Which side of the finish line is favored?

(Presented by Ray Douglas & Bill Strzelewicz)  

Saturday - April 10 - 10am-1130am CST
"Getting Your Deck Winches Ready to Roll:  A Guide to Proper Winch Maintenance For Every Race Boat"

We will take some time to review a straight-forward step-by-step process for maintaining your boat's critical winches.  Learn how to take winches apart easily.  Learn how to clean all the moving parts.  Learn the best method and products to use for lubricating your winches.  A perfect time to do this seminar, just as our boats are splashing or will be splashed soon!

(Presented by: Bill Strzelewicz)  

We look forward to seeing you all VIRTUALLY over these next few weeks and months! 

Thank you for supporting the Winter Racing Series Seminars and for helping the Waukegan racing scene!