Madeleine Islands


I accidentally sent the Messages E Mail without saving it and will put some thoughts down to save for later about this part of the trip.

We left Havre Aubert in the Madelein Islands on Monday, the 4 th, and motored across the bay to Cap Aux Meules where we stayed at the marina. It was a very nice marina with modern facilities including water, electricity, showers. The girl who operates the marina, Marie, was very nice and helpful. Anyone who may go there in the future should mention to Marie that we enjoyed her company. The cost there was 75 C/foot. The cost for the dock tie up at Havre Aubert was $20/night - no amenities.

We walked into town to do laundry and thought we had found the appropriate place as the store said “Maurice Landry”. Landry turned out to be the store owner’s last name and it was a plumbing supply store not a laundry. When we found the laundry it was very clean and modern. The chart store was not as serviceable. I asked for about 15 different charts and they had none.

Later in the afternoon Cody, Sander and I walked up the hill which separated town from the marina and took some great pictures. Hope to be able use some of them for a Christmas card picture.

As the day progressed more and more fishing boats came into the harbour and we worried about our route for getting out of the harbour. There was very little maneuvering room as it was.

We did not need to worry because when we left at 4 AM there was a light easterly wind which blew us off the dock. Sander was able to back the Satori into the slipway aft and the nose came around with the wind.

We were able to sail most of the day on the 5 th to PEI. With the Jenny and Main we made 9.5-10.5 knots/hr at first. Then the winds slackened and finally died. By the time we reached PEI we were progressing by engine alone. We arrived at Souris Harbour about 5 PM in the rain and a thickening fog. There is plenty of tie up space here along the fishing piers - no cost/no amenities. Found Shirley’s Take- Out up the hill and had burgers and fries before turning in.

Judy used the public phone to call Bernie and then walked back to the boat by herself. She said that she never would have felt comfortable doing that in Maine.

This morning we sought out Vernon D’eon’s store to see if he had any charts. He had none but could order them to be brought in by courier. They will arrive here about 2 PM this afternoon and we will go back up to pick them up. We found other stuff to buy at Vernon’s and tried to give him a credit card # to pay for them before we left this morning, but he said, “No, we can take care of all of that this afternoon.” Imagine that happening in the USA?

Tomorrow we will go to Murrey Harbour and then on to Pugwash for the next day.