Cleaning House

This will be a group message (of necessity) to all of our friends and family in our winlink address account. This address brings us messages from all of you via the airwaves. Winlink is suffering the same dilemma as other email servers...spam and viruses. It is a big task to try to keep the system clean and the server has decided to do a "clean sweep" of all addresses in the system. In order not to miss mail from any of you, we are sending a message out to sort of re-register your address in the system. After you receive this message from us, we will be able to receive mail from you for six months. Of course, every time we receive mail from you, we write back which registers you once more. We are quite sure that you understand. We will clean our system of addresses from those folks that we have not heard from in a long time.

At the same time we hope that all of you have some sort of virus scanner on your computers to help keep the whole system clean.

We have enjoyed 20 or so days here in Pohnpei and are ready tomorrow to check out for the next state in Micronesia which is Yap. Between here and there are several atolls where we will stop for a break in the traveling. If we really enjoy one, we may spend more than a few days. We have not traveled to the atolls since the Tuamotos in Polynesia and are looking forward to the quiet and snorkeling.

The new sails are ready to go. the problems with auto pilot and radar have been fixed. Oh dear! With everything in order, it may be too much strain for Satori again and something else will break. So it goes.

Our best wishes to all of you for an early spring.

Jane and Sander